Auto Detailing – Making a Used Car Look like New

auto detailingAuto detailing can be a lucrative and rewarding job. There’s nothing like the look one someone’s face after you’ve made their car look brand new again. When someone trusts you with one of their most prized possessions, you need to be sure you make the most of that trust. As a professional auto detailer you should have the skills, experience, tools and materials to get the job done safely and quickly. Always make sure the client knows what to expect.

In the Louisville, Kentucky area there at least a dozen brick and mortar car detailing companies and likely two to three times that many auto detailing Louisville, KY outfits. If you want to compete in that market, you’ll need to be affordable and very good at what you do. Offering a full range of services from leather conditioning to engine cleaning is important to your clients. They will not use a detailer that can’t meet all of their needs in one place.
If you have employees, regardless of how many good recommendations they come to you with, always spend some time working with them when they start. Expectations between auto detailing companies can vary greatly. It’s your name on the shingle and your insurance premium that will go up should an employee damage a customer’s car with sloppy work.
Depending on how well your brick and mortar business is doing, you may want to consider offering a mobile auto detailing service. It’s a convenience some people are willing to pay for. Plus it can help you reach clientele that would otherwise not be willing to leave their car at your shop for any extended period of time.
Make sure you bundle your services into packages in addition to providing a full list of additional services you can provide. Bundles give customers who really don’t know a whole lot about auto detailing find a quick way to determine what they’re getting based on what they’re willing to spend. No two clients are the same. One may be preparing their car for trade-in whereas another may just need the carpet cleaned where there was a spill.
Always make sure the client is pleased with your services. Offer to show them specifically what was done to their car if they want. If there’s a problem, always try to rectify it immediately. If you’re unable to do that, you should offer them a discount on their service or a free or reduced service in the future. There’s too much auto detailing competition in the Louisville, Kentucky area to let an unsatisfied customer walk out your door.
Always appreciate the trust your clients have in you and make sure you do everything to keep it. It’s never just a car. It may be one of the most important things in the world to your client. Make sure you offer a wide enough range of services to meet their entire auto detailing needs. If you’re in need of more clients, consider offering a mobile auto detailing service. Bundle your services so people can quickly decide how much they want to spend. Finally, make sure the customer leaves happy with the work that you’ve done.

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